Proton Saga Windshield Replacement Near Johor Bahru

Witness our skilled work in our in-house workshop, ensuring a flawless fit for Proton Saga windshields. Explore our transparent price list and wide coverage.

Proton Saga

Your Proton Saga deserves nothing less than perfection. Our technicians meticulously assess the damage, ensuring a flawless fit for your new windshield. From alignment to sealing, we leave no room for compromise. Safety and aesthetics go hand in hand, and we take pride in both.

Transparent Price List and Coverage

Let’s talk numbers. Worried about the cost? Our transparent price list puts your mind at ease. No surprises, no hidden fees—just straightforward pricing. And when it comes to coverage, we’ve got you covered (pun intended). Our warranty ensures peace of mind long after the replacement. Drive confidently, knowing your windshield is backed by our commitment to quality.

Uniwindscreen Auto Glass

offers a comprehensive range of car windscreen services, including repair, and replacement, as well as car windscreen insurance claim services.